How to change iTunes cover format


I'm using this source to get iTunes information for the songs, but it retrieves the cover in .png, and I didn't find where in the script to change it to jpg. Can you help?

The only thing I found is:

outputto "COVERURL"
replace "100x100bb" "100000x100000-999"
FindLine "\"artworkUrl100\":\""
FindInLine "\"artworkUrl100\":\""
SayUntil "\", \""

And I know iTunes accepts requests of png and jpg. I need to change it because it is saving 3 Mb size files.


I don't get png-files, always jpg.

The size is normal if you set the resolution so high (best quality search) and this has nothing to do with png or jpg. A detailed picture with a high resolution and a low compression rate is big.

If you do not want a high resolution you have to tell the script to deliver a lower resolution and less quality. To restrict to 1200x1200 change ""100000x100000-999" to "1200x1200".
But I suggest to take the highest possible resolution and later change the picture to your wishes with a software like irfanview.


Yes, there are differences. If you try to download the same image in png, you'll get a much larger file, more then 3Mb most of the times. The same URL with the final jpg will get a jpg file, the same used on iTunes Store.

I don't want the original one in png, I wanted the one iTunes Store uses, 1400x1400 in jpg, which gives me an excellent quality vs file size.

Take this as an example:

Compare the file sizes in png and jpg. Can you help?


I am using the iTunes source all the time, it is indeed my most used websource, and I never got a png-file, but always jpg instead.
So I don't know how to help.