How to change the websoure to get only

I want to use discogs and others to update a few titles but I only want the year saved.
I looked through the sources and played a little bit (eleminated unwanted lines) but that doesn't work.

Where is the part where I can define what should be saved in the tracks?

This is not possible.

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Hmm, why not .... there's also discogs/amazon cover which only retrieves covers and that works fine.
I just need the same but only for a year update. The other tags are quite good.

I thought you were looking for an option or sth. similar.

To import the year from discogs, you have to remove all blocks except for the outputto year block.

findline "<title>"
findinline "<title>"

# Year
outputto "Year"
findline "Released:"
findinline "<td>"
# This trick makes sure, that we get the year for both "27 Feb 2004" 
# and "2004" formats
findinline "<"
movechar -5
sayuntil "<"

Yes, I tried this yesterday but it didn't work ... I closed MP3tag, made the changes and started once more but everything was modified, not only the year.

Update I:
OK, I tried it but I have still the same result:
Discogs finds the album and updates the tracks from title/year/album everything but I don't understand that behaviour.

Update II:
Now it works, after I restarted windows. There must be something in cache somewhere, because I tried it several times and than I changed the source name and made the reboot.
What do I have to do to accomplish such changes? I can't reboot every time.

I need another change because I look for the year of single tracks which are on compilaiton like greatest hits.
For the amazon cover search I was able to add the album or the title to the search and it worked ([SearchBy]=%title% %artist%).
Now I got a message "error during server connection:". If I try the orginal one which only searches for the artist than it will work so I don't have a connection problem.

How can I get a search for Artist & Title?

Normally changes in src files are automatically recognized.

It seems you use discogs.src but this does not use the discogs search engine.
You need discogs_album.src from here.
But note that you need to adopt the [IndexUrl]
I have also made my own changes maybe I release it later this week.

No, I'm really sorry. That's why I made the comment. I made several changes, every time I closed MP3tag and restarted it but it didn't work.

Yes, indeed I used it.

I must admit that I tried it now with discogs and it worked perfectly. Even I didn't have to change the IndexUrl or maybe you changed it already.
I only changed the search key to %artist% %title% and everything was fine (OK I also deleted the above mentioned lines).