how to change this tag!


i´ve posted a topic once before, but theres no response. so if i ask the question diffrently, it maybe easier to understand what i mean :slight_smile:

(sorry bad eng)

this is my sad problem. i have a bunch of mp3´s with the album year tagged i front of the album name like this:

(album tag)
"1990 album name here"

i have tried in many ways and searched this forum for a solution, but i cant find a way to change the first space into " - " whitout changing ALL the spaces in the tag... i want it to look like this:

(album tag)
"1990 - album name here"

can someone please help me, this is a tricky thing for a newbie.
i think this must be done in regxp

ps, mp3tag is the most perfect tag prog i have seen, respect and hat off to developers.

Hi, and first of all, you could have edited your original post, not opening a whole new topic. You just posted that one a few hours ago, don't expect immediate answers.

As for your problem, write this short RegExp, it will determine if there are 4 digits at the beginning of the album tag and replaces it with what you need.

Field: ALBUM
Regular expression: (\d{4})\s+?
Replace with: $1 -

It should work (with multiple spaces too)

Yes it worked like a charm, thank you very much. and i will edit posts insted of making a new topic for the same thing in the future. im new on posting in forums as well.

again, thank you : )

You are welcome :slight_smile:

There are numerous entries in the "regular expressions" section of the forum.
I think the following might work (try with a single track first)
Create an action (Alt-5, new)
Add the action "Replace with regular expression".
Select Album as field
Enter as regular expression "([0-9]+)\s"
(this searches for any digit plus a white space)
Enter for "Replace hits with":
"$1 - $2"

I hope it works.