how to connect to networkshare via the mp3-wine app on a Mac


I am using mp3 tag for many years and it is the best there is. I have switched to mac few years ago but am still running a vmware with win7 for mp3tag only. Today I discovered a user ready package of mp3tag 2.71 with Wine on this site.

Looks great, but I have no clue how to connect to my network folders where my music resides (on a NAS). mp3tag under wine does not see them. I never used Wine before, so if this is is dumb question, my apologies.

This is surely not an MP3tag problem.
You should see the wine community on how to assign a drive letter to a network folder.

Or to show the basic way: as MP3tag is a Windows program, you have to follow the Windwos way of dealing with networks.
EIther you address a server with \\server-name\folder-name
(probably illegal as Linux wants the / as folder separator)
or you use the Windows Explorer and connect the remote folder with drive letter.
I have no clue if Wine can handle this approach.

The question remains if it would not be wiser to copy the files to a local folder and then back again after the modification to limit the amount of remote network access to just two times. Otherwise any modification of files requires reading and writing over the slow network connection.

As far as I remember, Mp3tag run in Wine will support regular UNC paths as would windows.

Minor inconvinience is that, linux file handling is case sensitive (Not sure about OSX), while pure Windows one is insensitive.
So changing _FILENAME case for example will sometimes produce error, which you can override with some tricks (adding somekind of suffix to filename temporarily, etc, etc).

Well copying many files back and forth from NAS to local drive for tagging is not very efficient. My network is fast enough to update tags. I guess I have to check the Wine community. But on the other hand, I only see the mp3tag app and not Wine with the Wine/mp3tag package from this site. But indeed the emulated app first needs to be able to "see" the networkdrives by probably mapping them as a windows driveletter in the Wine part. But I am not and expert in this matter.