How to convert Filename's last word to Album name ?

I want to convert Filename to Album name but only the last word.

FILENAME or TITLE: Someone Like You - Adele

I want only the last word 'Adele' to my ALBUM name.

Convert -> Tag - Tag
Field: Album

Format String (for last 2 words):
$regexp(%TITLE%,'^(.+)\s(.+)\s(.+)$','$2 $3')

Format String (for last word):

Why don't you take an action of the type "Guess Values"?

Why do you want to fill the album Tag (which should be "21" in your example) with the name of the artist or albumartist?

Sorry That was an example.
I'm collecting some old Bollywood movie's songs. So I want the movie name in the "ALBUM" section.
TITLE contains movie name but there is a " - " before it.
So how can I convert everything after " - " to "ALBUM" ?

TITLE: Meri Hasraton Ka - Mehndi Ban Gayi Khoon
(everything after " - " is the movie's name)
I want that name in "ALBUM"

Please see this screen snap:

Create an action of the type "Guess value" (import tag field) for TITLE
Format string: %title% - %album%

I've tried "Guess Value" but that makes the whole TITLE to ALBUM.
But I just want the last part.

TITLE: Halat Na Poochho - Yeh Zindagi Ka Safar

Here movie name is: Yeh Zindagi Ka Safar
I want that part to ALBUM section.

TITLE = Lost Boys - Sweet Nothing Play Hard
ALBUM = (empty)
Source: %title%
Format String: %title% - %album%
TITLE = Lost Boys
ALBUM = Sweet Nothing Play Hard

If you mixed up the source (the source is where all of the data is stored) or the separator is not right (e.g. instead of blank-hyphen-blank it is just hyphen) then the action will fail.

Thank You So Much.
That works.
Many Many Thanks. :smiley: