How to convert roman to arabic numerals?

Is there a way in MP3tag to convert a roman number to an arabic number?
For instance: 'MCMLXXXIV' to '1984'


Just wondering as this question was posed a dozen years or so ago if someone had figured out a way to do this yet? Would like to convert Album titles from Orkus Compilation XVII (as an example) to Orkus Compilation 17 (XVII) via a $regexp if at all possible...have attempted to use some of the other ideas posted via Convert Roman to Arabic however have had no luck...even downloaded an .mta but this seems not have the desired results either....

I don't think that it is possible with a regex for the full range of possible Roman numerals.

In addition, there is no strict rule for Roman numerals.
990 can be written as "XM" or as "CMXC", both are valid.

I think there are functions in MS Excel that convert arabic numbers into roman numerals and vice versa.
So if it is really a bulk problem, it may be worthwhile to write an export script and process the numbers in Excel.

I think it is a problem to isolize the the roman numbers in a string. Probably they are not isolated in a special tag in the files and i.e. to recognice "I" or an "V" in the combination with other characters in a string as a roman number may not be so easy.

Especially, if the roman numerals are written in Unicode:

Recently I ditched the duality of using roman and arabic numerals [romans were for parts of albums and titles of movies]. Now I just use # as an indicator followed by an arabic number; not caring what was used in the original title of the album or on a poster of a movie

An so in order to do that, being a score buff, I had to go through enormous amount of data by hand. I started with XIX and then moved down, being left at the end with the horror of I. Of course I had simple actions prepared for the switch, but nevertheless it was me who had to read all those Ies and decide if it is a number or a personal pronoun

But now I just check [switch] only the new addition and I can easily find any sequel or part of a larger body of work. If only I had ditched that duality 10 years ago...