How to convert tag - tag?

hello Mp3tag Community, I wanted to use "Convert 'Tag - Tag' " but I had no result, I want to use it in %title% to %album% but nothing happens
Beforehand thank you very much;)

Do not use the % to address a field.
So if you want to assign the contents of TITLE to ALBUM, then select as field: ALBUM (no surrounding %)
Set as
Format string: %title%

I can't believe it, I've been using MP3Tag for more than a year and I didn't know that this was the answer of the "tag - tag", I had recently discovered from the "file name - tag" that this was easy for me, but with the "tag - tag" I couldn't find the solution, but thanks to you, ohrenkino, I was able to do it
thank you very much and have a great/evening/evening, wherever you are

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