How to copy artist AND titel to titel


Just started using MP3tag and its great software!!

Now for al my albums i have no problems and everiting is going fine.
But my problem is with all my compilation cd's. I hate it that my portabel mp3 for example gives me all those artists from all the compilation cd's where i only have 1 track.

So what i like to do is change the artist names of all my compilation tracks and change them to "Various artists" wich is very simpel in MP3Tag.

What i then like to do is change the track titel and put the artist and track titel all in one.

Is there a way to do this instantly? I tried to export my tracks to excel and then modifie it there but can i take my excell file to modifie my songs?

This is covered in the FAQs already - sort of. Instead of COMMENT use TITLE as field and modify the format string to %artist% - %title%.