How to copy files to mp3 players with corrected names.


I've only been using Itunes until my classic Ipod dies recently. I'll new Fiio x3 2nd and I need help to sort out my mp3s. Does mp3tags automatically rename my numbered mp3s? If I want to copy those mp3 files without the numbers in their titles into my mp3 player I'd just have to add directory, and then copy paste everything is that correct?

Have a look here:

And then especially Tag - FileName

But please note, that iTunes can't handle this change so you will loose the ability to keep your library under iTunes.

iTunes is depended on this format

\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\Artist\Album\song

Edit: Why rename the songs? What I have read in the manual from your device, it creates it's own library based on the Tag info in your songs. So why NOT just copy the songs over from the library structure from iTunes with a File Manager.

I asked an amazon customers and he said he have to use mp3 tagging softwares. So with the Fiio X3 2nd gen if my song's title is numbered but the tag's not I can just go ahead and copy it normally and it'll show up without the numbers correct? Also if the mp3 doesn't have a tag the device will show its title instead? If that's how it works then I won't have to use mp3 tags for anything.

Some questions

What is the info you have in your iTunes Library?
Any tag info in your songs ? (eg. Artist - Title - Album - etc etc) ?
What info did your iPod show ?
How does a Song look like ? For example Number - Artist - Title - Album.mp3 ?

I have no experience with your media player, I just downloaded the manual and I can't seem to find anything about what the device reads, does it read the info from song naming (artist - title.mp3) or does it read the info from the internal tags.

I only know that it builds it's own database.

So you just try it with a couple of songs and see what happens.

If that works, then show what format you want the songs to be in and then someone will give you a format string to use in Mp3tag.

Personally I think that is the way to do it