How to copy part of one field to another field?

In CONTENTGROUP I have multiple pieces of info separated by semicolons thus: %1; %2; %3

Where %2 is not always the same character length from one file to the next (example: one file's %2 might just be "Driving", but another file's %2 might be "Summer, pool").

Regardless of character length, I want to cut all text that %2 encompasses and paste into MOOD, leaving only %1; %3 in CONTENTGROUP.

How do I do that? I have thousands of files to do this to...
Many thanks in advance!

A real example is always better than a made-up one.
The title says that you want to copy the data, the text that you

So I take it that you want to move the middle string.
Try an action of the type "Guess value"
Source: $regexp(%contentgroup%,(.*); (.*); (.*),$1; $3==$2)
Target string: %contentgroup%==%mood%

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It worked, perfect! Thank you so much!!!