How to copy the track number of a file to another file with the same $TITLE?

I hope my question makes sense!

I have a bunch of .mp4 files which I have successfully tagged with mp3tag.

I also have a bunch of .mp3 files with the same tag values for the "title" field.

The .mp4 files have all got a correct track listing, and I am looking for a function which would allow mp3tag to compare the TITLE field of my files, and write the track number based on that.

Thank you!

Is the rest of the tags identical?
If so, it would be easiest to copy the whole tag and paste it to the target files.

Otherwise: there is no function to compare the TITLE.

You could rename the files so that the filename is the same for source and target files (except the extension) and then use an export to export filename and track from the source files and then import the track number to the target files.
But I see that as too much of an effort, really.

So what I could think of:
Load the source files,
Sort the source files by TITLE
Select the source files.
Copy the tag data with Ctrl-C
Load the target files
Sort the target files by TITLE
Select the target files
Paste the tag data with Ctrl-V

Assuming that the number of source files and target files is the same and they show the same order after sorting.