How to create a folder structure based on number of track

I'm now using an action to create folders in the format

%year% - %album%

With the following expression using Format Value:
[$left(%year%,4) - ]%album%\%_FILENAME%

But I also would like to create a folder for Singles, EP's and Albuns automatically, using the following logic:

1-3 songs: Single
4-6: EP
7> Album

That way I'd have a folder structure like this:

2019 - Album_name
2018 - Album_name
2017 - Album_name
2016 - Album_name

How can I do that? Maybe comparing the totaltracks? If totaltracks are igual to those values, I run the command to rename the filename?

Brian Eno's "Music for Airports" has just 4 tracks and is an album.
Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells" has just 2 (rather long) tracks and is an album.
Pink Floyd's "Animals" has 5 tracks and is an album.
Norah Jones' "Little broken hearts EP" has 7 tracks.

So I would not apply an automatism.

I think the variable would be %_total_files%

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So is there a way I can also sum total length?

I want the same standard iTunes uses, and it depends on the amount of tracks and total length.
See here.

I do not think that this information is available for an action.
You would have to export the data, and then use
See also