How to create a Lyrics Yes/No column display

Is it possible to add a column that just shows IF a file contains embedded lyrics or not, without actually displaying the lyrics, which is the case if "%unsyncedlyrics%" is used as a value? Am looking for something similar to how the Cover column can be set to display a "1" if the file has an embedded cover, and stay blank if it does not. Thanks for any suggestions!

Just to get that right: if you use %_covers% as contents for that column, then the value can also be something different than just "1", as %_covers% shows the number of embedded covers.

To get some display about lyrics, try for value
$if(%unsyncedlyrics%,Present,Not present)

Thanks ohrenkino, that's EXACTLY what I needed! I just went with "$if(%unsyncedlyrics%,Y,)"
Still finding my way around Regex, and this helped a lot.

Great that it helped, yet, my suggestion is no regular expression but a function from the scripting language built into MP3tag.
See the help for more information:

Building on the help I got from ohrenkino, I found how to include checking for the %lyrics% field (used by many Vorbis comment tags) within the the same function:


Thanks go to the Foobar forum's member jazzthieve for that one!

Wouldn't it be just as feasible to create a mapping between LYRICS and UNSYNCEDLYRICS (if that does not happen already)?
Then you have to watch only one field.

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