How to create a replacement matrix in MP3Tag

Hello everybody,

I've been using the mp3 tagger "The GodFather" for a long period of time and it was very useful. But unfortunately that program hasn't been updated for a long time and it's missing some features. So I've decided to switch to MP3Tag.
First let me say, that "MP3Tag" is not only very functional (and none of the less - FREE :slight_smile: ), but it is very accessible (works very good wit screen readers like JAWS for Windows).
But ... "The GodFather" has an option, which I like very much: it's called "replacement matrix". It allows me to specify some characters, which when (if) found, are replaced with other specified by me characters. And that can be done both for file names and tags, even while creating tags from file names or vice versa. I'm mostly using this function for replacing cyrillic characters with latin ones in file names and latin characters with cyrillic in tags. Yes, I know that there's some similar function in "MP3Tag", but I can't figure how to make it replace a capital letter "B" with a capital letter "Б" (the second one is the cyrillic equivalent of "B") and a small letter "b" with a small letter "б", for example. Hope that you understand what I want to do. Is it possible at all to do it? And if it is, can you please explain the procedure to me step by step?

Thank you for your help in advance!

Best wishes!

Forum search with keyword cyrillic:
Share your custom Actions

Copy *.mta files to profile folder and use with menu "Convert > Actions"

O, thank you very much!
I'll test those files. Hopefully they will satisfy my needs :slight_smile:.

Best wishes!