How to create a Tag Template

It's 2018 Mid May. A Sensible Request...A Tag Template

  1. I am a songwriter.
  2. I write a lot of songs on a weekly basis.
  3. Every song has the same basic tag info
  4. But each song needs to have slight tag adjustments, like title, tempo, etc.

I already know, if I have a song loaded in the mp3tag app, and have all my tag info, I can copy the tag info of that song, and select another song and paste it to the newly selected song, but
When I close the mp3tag app, the copied tag info is erased.

I am using the wrapper to operate this app on an apple mac
Computer (so I’m not 100% sure if the app’s behavior works 100% the same as the windows version).

When I close and re-open the mp3tag app, I have a blank window,
Then when I drag a new song in the blank window so I can tag the
new song, I would love to save time and keep things consistent, by either, having a template of my most important tagging info so I can easily import into a new song.

Issue 2:
When I have a song loaded into the mp3tag app,
If I drag another song in the mp3tag app ‘s window,
The previous song is removed from the mp3tag app’s window.
How do I add songs 1 by 1 by dragging them in the window without the others songs being deleted?

Thanks so much

Welcome :slight_smile:

You can use Mp3tag's action feature along with several actions "Format value" to build an action group that sets the default values for your tracks. Please see this entry from the FAQ for details:

To add dragged files to the list (instead of replacing the list contents), hold down the Ctrl while dragging.