How to create comments and/or keywords tags for audio and video files

Hi everybody,

This is my very first post here.

I recently discovered mp3tag software and I really appreciate it. I seriously consider donating to support Florian's good work and efforts.

But for today I have a question: How do you folks create tags for adding comments and/or keywords to your audio and video files using mp3tag?
I have a lot of podcasts and/or documentaries that I would like to tag with comments and/or keywords so as to be able to include them in my indexing rounds.

Many thanks in advance for any clue or help.



To add a comment:
select the file,
enter your text in the tag panel's comment field
Press Ctrl-S to save the modification.
The tag panel allows also to save the same data to several files, if they are selected.
You can also add a column in the file list (unless it isn't already there) and enter the comment there.

Thanks, ohrenkino.

Unfortunately it seems that the Comment field is paragraph or character-limited. I tried to paste a comment which includes 1590 words and 4 paragraphs and I was only able to paste 554 words and 1 paragraph. How could I resolve this issue?

A field with hardly any length restriction (except the total tag length) is the field for lyrics UNSYNCEDLYRICS.
I don't know if that suits your needs. I know that WMP shows this field.

I am not adding keywords, yet. But in Mp3tag Help - Tag field mappings, are "PODCASTKEYWORDS" and "PODCASTCATEGORY" fields, unfortunately only for MP3 and MP4, also not sure how to separate words in them. Such informatiom will probably fit in description or comment fields in Vorbis files.
Edit start:

Edit end.

You can add multiple COMMENT tags and split your comment into parts. However parts are displayed divided by "\".

Pasted text of around 8000 words, 48600 characters and 477 lines. Split to 3 comments, could fit in 2, but intentionally added very small one. It seems, Mp3tag can take 30000 bytes (chars) in one comment section.

Such files in other programs:

  1. VLC
    MP3: Only first comment.
    MP4: Same as in MP3.
    Vorbis (FLAC, OGG, OPUS): OK

  2. MPC HC
    MP3: Only first (or the shortest?) comment in main window and properties, full but inconvenient in MediaInfo.
    MP4: Same as in MP3.
    Vorbis: Probably tries to show full in main window but glitches (well, I pasted a monster text), in properties shows 8 lines, and full but inconvenient in MediaInfo tab.

  3. XMPlay
    MP3: Only first (or the shortest?) comment in info window, track info and plugin file info.
    MP4: Same as in MP3 for info window, but track info shows full just divides them with "/", no plugin for mp4.
    Vorbis: Same as in MP4 + plugin shows only first comment.

Thanks, ohrenkino and kuba. It works.