How to create multiple artist tags on one track in iTunes


I didnt find anything that answers my question, so if I doubled this question in this forum, I apologize.

I wanted to know how you create multiple artist tags that work with iTunes.
What I want to know is how I can tag multiple artists on one track, so if I go to both of the artists track lists I can see the track. Right now iTunes creates a new artist thats called "Artist 1 and Artist 2" (see screenshot below).

For example: "Chris Brown, Young Thug - Go Crazy".
What I want to happen is that I somehow edit the tags that iTunes recognizes that the song is made by "Chris Brown" and "Young Thug" and not by "Chris Brown and Young Thug".

I edit the tags of mp3 files with mp3tag and then put them in playlists in iTunes to copy them over to my iPhone, if thats a necessarry information.

Thank you very much for any answers :slight_smile:

You can tag them anyway you want - AFAIK iTunes does not support more than 1 artist.

So neither multi-value fields work nor semicoli nor slashes nor backslashes nor commas.
(This has nothing to do with MP3tag, it's a (missing) feature of your player.)

The only way around it would be a duplication of the file with slightly different tag data.

Thank you very much for your quick response.

I was never blaiming mp3tag for this, its a great tool ive been using for decades now.
Very unfortunate to hear tho that iTunes doesnt support that (who wouldve thought that...)

I guess I have to live with that now.

As of the current version, iTunes is not able to show multiple artist, composer, or genre tags. I wouldn't expect this to change any time soon, if ever. However this does not prevent you from using mp3tag to edit your tags and add a "separator"* character that other software can use.

From your example, you could set the Artist tag for your song "Go Crazy" as "Chris Brown; Young Thug" on a single line. This is exactly how iTunes will display the Artist. However other players like MusicBee for Windows, or Poweramp and GoneMAD for Android, can separate these artists when scanning your files into their libraries. So they will list the same Title and Album when you browse for the Artist under both "Chris Brown" and also "Young Thug" as well for the appropriate songs that you have tagged this way.

* the Separator may differ as required by different apps. Most use the semicolon "; " character (i.e. GoneMAD, MusicBee). Some allow this to be user defined (i.e. Poweramp). For the record, I am not aware of any IOS apps to date that will split the Artists this way. Also note this is not the same as how mp3tag can "split" the field into two separate fields in the tag using the \\ function.

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