How to define Display Artist Field

In musicbee there is Artist (Display) tag to display desired artist for each track. I would like to use this tag in MP3Tag but I couldn't manage to create one valid.

What am I supposed to input in "Value", "Field" and "Sort" to create a valid field in MP3Tag?

If you know the field name, then enter that for a column as value and as field.
It is not mandatory to enter special sort criteria.
If you are not sure about the name, then load a file about which you know that it has the field in the metadata and open the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T).
There you will see the field name.

Musicbee should also show which field it is using, in its Tag Inspector.

Thanks to @Crissov's link, the field that @anywaysayhi is looking for could be DISPLAY ARTIST
MusicBee seems to use this custom user field when scrobbling

Thanks all your help. Now the user-defined field "Display Artist" works with actions. :smiley:

I am sure that you can create more or less any (user-defined or other) field with an action of the type "Format value" - there is no need to also create a column to display it.
Alternatively, you can create that field in the extended tags dialogue with the "New" button.
(and there are a number or other ways to do it).
You only have to know the name of the field and follow MP3tag's syntax rules.

Do you mean that I could just simply type "Display Artist" in the "Field" of format value dialogue without creating a user-defined field in advance?

I thought I could only choose from the available fields in the list to use a certain action.

There are a number of threads in this forum that suggest to create a temporary field for special purposes like moving the featured artist.

Although the advice continues that this field could be removed after the goal has been reached, the user-defined field exists without the need to create it first.
Actually, a field exists in a file only if it has been filled with a value. There is no reserved space for it.

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Detailed and helpful. Thank you.