How to define "return" or "enter" when replacing values


I thought I had bookmarked a page that explained how to write scripts and what each scripting character did what, when writing a string. It is eluding me now, so if one can post a link I would appreciate it.

Basically what I am trying to do is to replace the value created by when one hits the "Enter" or "Return" key and replace it with a ". " (Period & Space). I know how to write the action I just don't know how to define the Enter or Return Key value.

Thanks in advance! :grinning:

Perhaps the help helps:

you are probably looking for \r\n
This is for an action of the type "Replace with regular expression".
I don't know right now whether it can also be done with a plain replace as I think that that function takes every character literally. So replacing $char(13) $char(10) with dot and space will not lead to hits.

YES!!!! That is the page! Thank you so much, once again, my friend! :clap:

I will experiment and report back.

OK, I am using a simple replace action. I tried using \r and \n and that did not work. I also tried $char(10) and $char(8) to no avail, as you suspected.

So I switched to replace with regular expression. I put in a seperate line for \r and another for \n. This worked but it seems that Return and New Line were somehow duplicating each other as I would get ". . " for every return. So I removed the line with \n and that did the trick.

So, for another that may be reading this:
Replace with regular expression: "\r"
Replace with ". "
(Do not include quotes when writing action, they are just used here to clarify what you must input.) Thanks again, ohrenkino!

I think the expression should look something like this for the field in question:
Search string: \r\n
Replace with: .
(which is dot blank)
I think that in the WIndows world every (text) line is terminated by "carriage return" (=\r) and "line feed" (=\n) - a relict from the old line printer world.

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