How to delete all album art images?


I have a large audio collection. Each track (in FLAC format) contains the CD cover / album art image in a tag. At this time I want to save space by storing the album art only in the album folder, not in each track.

Can MP3tag delete only the album art from a selected group of tracks / files? Offline help information contains the following:

Removing embedded cover art
Please use PICTURE as field name if you want to remove cover art from the tags.

However, I do not understand the terse instructions. How does this work, please?

Also, I currently use MediaMonkey to play tracks. It is able to display album art images contained in the album folder. I may migrate to JRiver. Is there any advice on why I should not remove album art from individual tracks?



If you want to manipulate specific data in a file, you have to address this data by the field name. The field name for the embedded picture is PICTURE.
You can delete the cover from a file e.g. with the extended tags dialogue:
Select all files
Press Alt-T - the extended tags dialogue opens.
In the extended tags dialogue there is a little square on the right with, among others, a red-x-button beside it. This function deletes the picture.

The advice on deleting pictures: don't.
It does not really save a lot of space. But it causes an awful lot of extra hustle to re-install the pictures.
It only works for players that rely on an external cover file.
It only works if you always play complete folders e.g. on a stick on your car stereo
If you happen to rename the files in such a way that they end up in a new folder, the picture file remains in the old folder.
Removing coverart from a flac file requires an extra tool to access the (little) extra space as otherwise the new space is used as padding and you don't see any of it.

In short: I wouldn't do it.

The advice on deleting pictures: don't.

Thanks, ohrenkino, for excellent advice! I won't remove pictures from the track files.



ok, it will save space, if there are only high-res-covers (front, back, booklet,...) stored in each (mp3) file. :rolleyes:

i just use the front cover in low resolution (500x500, 72dpi), this will take about 100 kb. the cluster size of your file-system is much higher...