how to delete the before the filename

when viewed in explorer, i see a space before some of the filenames in a folder. when checked in Mp3tag, there is no space seen. when i apply " delete a character before the title action" i get a character deleted which means there is no space as such as per mp3tag. but when viewed in explorer, it is seen like this


how can i rectify this?

You can format the filename with an action of the type "Format tag field" and the format string
This removes leading and trailing spaces.

Of if this is just a display problem, check the definition for the column with the filesname and whether it has a leading space.

If Windows explorers displays a space character in front of the filename, then there might be a character, which looks like a space character.

Basically, the Windows explorer does not allow to manually create a filename with a leading space character, but in a commandline window or by Mp3tag automatism it is possible to create such a filename.

If Mp3tag has created this filename, then the originator of the space character is almost certainly you.
You need to investigate vigorously the scripting expression and find out, how the leading space character has been introduced.

If you will be not successful with the investigation, then a foolproof method will be:
surround the complete scripting expression with a function $trim().