how to detect, be alerted and CLEAN&erase the meta tag or extra field ?


i have some bad mp3 file which are not correctly tag.
But i don't know which they are, so i discover them one by one (because it causes bugs on tablets, mp3 players, smartphone and librayry software).

When i open them into mp3tag, it doesn't alert me that there is EXTRA or other meta tag field.
Look at my screen capture, i select in red all the field i wish to delete.

so i have 3 problems :

how to search them amongst my library computer ? (any software suggestion or search method) ?

once i detected them, how can i clean ALL the extra field.
it would be good to set up mp3tag to keep only ARTIST TITLE ALBUM TRACK YEAR GENRE COMMENT Album artist and the pictures

When i open it in mp3tag software, is there a way to have alertbox to notice me of that strange fields ?

Thanks for help

You should give this a long thought before you go ahead, because erased tags are gone forever.

First step should be load all files, mark them in the list-view and open the extended tag-view of MP3Tag (ALT+t).
There you normally can see all tags of your files and any deletion of tags there will delete your unwanted tags in all marked files.
Have also a look at the title-line of the extended tag-window. There you can see what kind of tags are in your files. If there are Ape-tags listed, you may have problems that some tags don't show.

Another good idea is to let MP3Val check all your Mp3s in order to repair files that have problems.

BTW: In Mp3Tag the tag is called ALBUMARTIST and not "Album Artist".

I have not seen any "illegal" fields in any of the screendumps.
What I do see is that some kind of strange software shows a picture as bytes instead of the picture.

Did you know that there is an action called
"Remove fields except"

In this action you enter all the field names for the fields that you want to keep and the rest gets removed.
Yet, there is no "alert" - as the fields that you showed are perfectly legal and valid.

Like in the thread of your's
[X] remove cover does not remove the tag field COVERART
it is now down to you to first take care of your files' structure and integrity.

i didn't say there are illegal fields, i just said there are unwanted fields which are not supported in all devices and software (specialy old one, and i don't want to buy new release of them to get the support of new feature only for a few files).

You claimed that they cause "bugs".
I doubt that this is actually true. Because either the devices can treat that particular tag version or they can't.
It is true that there are numerous fields that are displayed by one player but not by another.
But none of these fields should cause a crash only because it is there.
If you experience that then I can only recommend (again) that you check the files integrity.


i try to find the file using the mp3tag filter.

but i can't find the right function to use.

i would use this filter :
%LOG% IS exist_field() : to find evey mp3 with 'LOG' extend fields (or meta field..)

but the function exist_field() does not appear in the list.
is there another way to build such filter expression ?

i search in the helper file C:\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag\help\main_filter.html, but there is no exemple to "how to find a fiel with the field existence XXXX".

i even tested the filter $len(%_COVERART%)" GREATER 40000" but it did not return the good result.

i tested too :
NOT MISSING but not working

PRESENT but not working

My first need is to find them (amonst thousands files) , so at least i will deal with them one by one to clean the fields.

PS : LOG is another strange field which appears in other mp3, so i want to find them too.

I gave hints to use the extended tag-menue (ALT+t) and in all your answers you never responded to these hints.
If you want to get rid of some tags anyway there is no need to filter them. Just delete them there.

BTW: The filter-expression for filtering those files that have the tag %log% would be

Mp3tag Filter: LOG PRESENT
... will display all files having a tagfield with the name LOG.

Do have a closer look into the Mp3tag help file.
Within the Mp3tag Filter dialog you can press key [F1] to open the help file.
There are many examples how to apply the Mp3tag Filter dialog.

Be aware of the visual and textual differences in the Mp3tag help file, between ...

  • the technical description of the Filter Expression Language;
  • the real world examples.

You have to do some cognitive transfer effort from description to application.
The examples are helpful to learn practically how to apply the Mp3tag Filter section.


thank you DetlevD , poster, ZITAT and thank you ohrenkino too !
Due to your help, i discovered the filter feature and other features of mp3tag i didn't know (loading on a folder by contextual menu, filter tweak).

i solved alomost all my needs.

my 1 is solved, i will use "(LOG PRESENT) OR (COVERART PRESENT)... " to search them

my 2 is solved because i just discover than windows allow me to select multiple mp3 and delete the chosen tag from them in one operation

the point 3 remains.....but not so urgent.

is there a part in the forum where we can submit "wish features" and put a money value in front of each wish ? Like a pull to choose the next feature...
i will love to have "wishes features hit parade " for mp3tag because it just solved a problem i had since many years than another paid program i use did not manage to solve. thank you Mp3tag.
Some free software have this "way" to motive the donation.

As I tried to point out: as long as the fields comply with the ID3 standard there is no way to tell them apart from each other. You will never get an alert.

I still wonder why you are so reluctant to use the extended tags dialogue (alt-T): this dialogue shows you all fields from all files (if you select them all) and you easiest remove those that you do not want.

And before you pledge money for something that is either impossible, already there or not planned: ask the question in the forum and see what develops.

i reply to the 2 questions :

yes there is a way :

in the left panel, just under the picture field, there is a lot of unused space in the GIU.
There you can put a simple label (even not need of a imput/edit fields) which would display (in a concaned string way if you wan) the content of the extend extended tags. So, i would see in a bit of sec there are exists. Just a label, no alert box or msgbox.

i tried it. but this dialog windows have a problem (like all dialog windows) :

  • you have to think about it to open it ! At least, an option to auto-open it will be pleasant when there 're such presence of extended tags which we'll config in a list somewhere.... the ones only the user want to be alerted... pretty simple configuration and window component coding behaviour.
    Even this dialog box (the ALT-T one), could be embedded in a frame under the picture field, isn't it ? or in another panel so we could resize it (like the left panel)

but i don't complain, i just make wish.

Mp3tag just solved a huge problem with COVERART stream-data picture stored in this damn extended tags. Now, i'm one of the very happiest man in my city!

The word extended in "Extended Tag-View" relates to the view, not to the tags.
There are no extended tags, the view only shows you all the tags, even those you have not defined in the list-view or in the tag-panel.