How to disable read-only warnings?

When you try to remove a tag from a read-only file, you get a warning.
Can those warnings be disabled?

See the changelog:
[2015-07-08] CHG: renaming files marked as read-only does not require removing of read-only flag anymore.

For all other operations I would assume: remove the read-only status.

Here's how you can replicate the thread question.

  1. Right click on mp3 file and CHECK: Read Only > OK
  2. Open the folder containing this file in mp3tag
  3. Right click on it inside mp3tag > Remove tag > YES



File "E:\1\x.mp3" is read-only.

Shall Mp3tag disable the write protection of this and
any following read-only files?

How can that prompt be disabled to give mp3tag a permanent YES so it does not ask to disable read-only every time.

I don't think that there is an option in MP3tag.
So the only way would be: remove read-only flag prior to processing.