How to display custom tag fields


I'm running MP3Tag 2.69. Under previous versions, I was able to view and change custom1 and custom2 tag fields. I believe these are ID3v2 fields.

I tried to map the fields via options -> tags -> mapping.

However, when I view a track and go to view -> customize columns, I do not see "custom1" and "custom1" and I do not see the names I mapped them to.

How do I make them visible?



in the dialogue "Customize columns"
Click "New" button to create a new column
Enter a suitable name
Enter for "value": %custom1%
Enter for "field": %custom1%
Enable the column in the list of columns.
If you want to do the same for CUSTOM2, procede in a corresponding way with the value and field %custom2%.
Click OK.

User-defined fields do not show up in the fields list.

Thanks. That works!

The custom fields do not appear in the drop down expansion lists for value and field selections, which led me to think the fields were not available.