How to display larger cover art in Windows Media Player 12

I have finally found a way of displaying my album art much larger in the Now Playing pane of Windows Media Player!

Several suggestions I found online didn’t work, but this works on WMP 12 with Windows 10 Home, v2004.

By default, in its Library WMP shows a hidden jpg stored in the album folder as a thumbnail. This can be called folder.jpg or AlbumArt _{###}_Large .jpg . It shows the same jpg in the Now Playing pane at a miserable 230x230 pixels, regardless of the size of the jpg.

With WMP closed, run the following registry edit file (or manually edit the registry keys):

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Now, when you open WMP, the Now Playing pane will show the cover art embedded in the mp3 tag (or if that’s not present the file folder.jpg or AlbumArt _{###}_Large .jpg)at actual size.

On a screen resolution of 1366x768 a cover of 500-600 pixels square will nicely fill the Now Playing pane so you’ll need to save this sort of size art to the tags or place jpgs in the folder. Note that any old 200x200 jpgs created by WMP will look slightly smaller than before.

You can now display different art for different tracks on an album or create your own art in Paint as a 1200x600picture of both front and back covers alongside each other!

DO NOT paste art from within WMP as this will overwrite your stored jpgs and the cover tags with 200x200 images.

IF YOU SWITCH the display to one of the other visualisations WMP will reset the registry keys and when you go back to album art it’ll be small, so you’ll have to close WMP and run the registry file again.

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