how to do a count up/down from a particular valor??

Hi everyone!

Someone can tell me how this is done, please?

Someone knows how to do a count up/down from a particular valor?

That is to say, I would like extract and rename covers of some mp4 files but assuming a specific value.

That is, if I put this:

% genre% -% comment% - $ num (% _count%, 5)

the sequence is 1, 2, 3, etc.. (with 5 digits)

I'd like to choose which number starts counting ascending. An example of this sequence is:

6,7,8,9,10,11,12 ...

So, I say, start from 6 until the end.

As you do this??

thanks in advance!


Thank you for reply!

If I use this:


I get:


But I would like get this:


How could I do it?

thank you dano!!

You use this on cover export?

Seems it's not working there.

You could format a temporary tag field with $num($add(5,%_counter%),5) and use that field in the cover export

Action type: Format value
Field: TEMP
String: $num($add(5,%_counter%),5)

Cover export:

sorry for my english hehe (I only speak spanish :stuck_out_tongue:)

Yes, I use this for cover export!

I've tried do it:


And works ok for tag ==> filename.
But not work from file to extract cover. It is a bug of mp3tag?? you want that I inform of this in Bug Reports?

Now, you say:

Action type: Format value
Field: TEMP
String: $num($add(5,%_counter%),5)

Cover export:

I understand this. You say me:

1st) create a sequence in temporal tag (any empty tag)
2nd) use this sequence for extract cover and rename
3rd) format the sequence in the temporal tag (erase 1st step)

It is correct?? But, how write it please !?

1st) ¿?

Action: ?
String: $num($add(5,%_counter%),5) ==> temporal tag where I type?

2nd) ok. I do it this:

Action: Cover export

3rd) ¿?

Action: Format value
String: $num($add(5,%_counter%),5) ==> temporal tag where I type? Or I type only this in the place empy of "Format value"?

You can show me how to writte the 1st and 3rd step pliz!!??

thank u dano!

C'mon you can do it

Action type: Format value
Field: TEMP
Format string: $num($add(5,%_counter%),5)

I have not understood you, sorry! I'm a little dummy! hehe I don't know write an generic format of expression for use "format value". I don't know where you write tag TEMP. I have found the "action type" but I assume that it is for erase tag not for generate or write anything. But my problem was that I don't know generate a sequence into the field. Never before I used this action...

But you don't worry because I found an alternative :stuck_out_tongue:

tag to filename:

export cover:

problem fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

Aaaah! Finally i found the problem! it is a nonsense.

You use the english version of mp3tag. I use the spanish version of mp3tag.

the literal translation of: "Format value" is the same that other action. So I use the action not correct! :stuck_out_tongue:

I undertand good!!!

thank u!

In spanish version:

Action: "Formatear valor" mean "erase field valor"
Action: "Eliminar campos" mean "erase field valor"

The translation is not correct!

Where say "Formatear valor" should say "Dar Formato Al campo" for indicate well it is for modificate a tag, not for erase. Formatear in spanish is how "format c:" :smiley: