How to do batch manual tagging (artist, album, album art)?

I have many obscure albums in my library that are not in the database and they require manual tagging. How do I do batch tagging on artist, album and album art?

Artist: Eric Clapton
Album: Unplugged
Album Art: Unplugged album cover jpg

Right now I'm doing every track manually and it gets tedious.

Also, would you recommend putting or not putting the track number in file name if I'm going to tag the track number anyway?


01.Signe.flac (with 01 tag)
02.Before You Accuse Me.flac (with 02 tag)
03.Hey Hey.flac (with 03 tag)
04.Tears In Heaven.flac (with 04 tag)


Signe.flac (with 01 tag)
Before You Accuse Me.flac (with 02 tag)
Hey Hey.flac (with 03 tag)
Tears In Heaven.flac (with 04 tag)


Did you have a look at the documentation?

To get the cover into the files, provided, the files reside in a separate folder per album, try an action of the type

and use as
filename: *.jpg

The file system is not the best information retrieval system.
Usually, it is your player that helps you to find the correct track.
If you want to see the same (numeric) order in the file system that you see on the media, then it is recommandable to have a sort criterion that restores that order. In this case the track number would be the easiest way.
But in general: the file system has the only requirement to get a unique filename.

That depends if you want to see your tracks in the correct sort order for your album in your Windows File Explorer.
The File Explorer will sort and display your flac files alphabetically ascending or descending if you use the filename column to sort your list. In your example list, it doesn't make a big difference, but if the files would be named:

01. Track Three
02. Track Four
03. Track One

You will see different sorted lists with or without leading track number:

Track Four
Track One
Track Three
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Where exactly do you miss your album? What kind of database do you mean?