How to do 'Find/Replace' in a particular Field

Hi, I have a very simple question, the answer to which should save me some time, but I don't want to push blindly ahead, and then find I've screwed up!

In the Title field, I show the title of the piece of music, and then, using the Convert function, which I learnt from another forum-mrmber here, I was able to show that original title, and then have the composer's name automatically added afterwards in brackets.

Originally it would show: 'Nocturne in C minor' (the composer in the composer's column would show Chopin, Frederick.

Using Convert, the title would then show as Nocturne in C minor [Chopin, Frederick}

Just suppose I had spelt Chopin incorrectly, say Shopin. It would be easy to change all the instances in the Composer column from Shopin, Frederick to Chopin, Frederick.

But this DOESNT alter the composer's name appended to the title, so that will still show incorrectly. If I just select everything and do the Convert again, while it takes the information from the corrected composer's name, it doesn't delete the original entry!

So I'd end up with Nocturne in C minor [Shopin, Frederick] [Chopin, Frederick

What I' like to be able to do is to take the Composer column in bulk, and do what on Word would be Find and Replace, or similar,

I would ask it to find all the instances of Shopin, and ask that these be changed to Chopin - of ask it to find all Shopin, Fredericks and bulk change these inot Chopin, Frederick.

It must be easy, but I'm always afriad of screwing up, even with a couple of backups!

Many thanks!

You can do this in different wqys (with the converter or as an action group). Here is a way with the converter which gives you an (immediate) preview of the result. The way of an action would give you the possibility to do it in one go to change both fields.

Converter Tag->Tag
Format String: $replace(%composer%,Shopin,Chopin)

then next

Converter Tag->Tag
Field. TITLE
Format String: $replace(%title%,Shopin,Chopin)

More about $replace(): Have a look at the Help and the scripting section.

With actions you can use the action-type "Replace".

Use a filter to "Find" (i.e. narrow down the number of displayed files)
%title% HAS Shopin

The use an Action (Quick) of the type "Replace" like in Word:
Search: Shopin
Replace: Chopin