How to do? Flexible category tags

The tags available in the various formats generally have a specific name, purpose, and one single value. I am looking for something more flexible for categorizing my songs.

I want to be able to add many tags for my own purposes, so that later I could search for all songs that have one of these tags, or using a logical expression, songs that have a given combination of these tags (e.g. (psychedelic or folk) 90s !coverversion !live rating>2 rating<5). It's similar to what you see for some Web tagging sites.

Having single values for genres, categories, etc is inadequate for my purposes, because there are potentially many categories or attributes for a given song, and some that don't fit the meaning of existing tag names.

I'd love to have software to help manage multiple tags. It would remember which tags have already been given to any song, to make it easy to add the same tag to any other. It would have the ability to search for all songs that meet an arbitrarily complex search criteria, and generate a playlist.

I am asking about this here because mp3tag is my favorite tag-editing software. If anyone has ideas how to do something like this in mp3tag, or can suggest other ways I could accomplish this, I would be grateful to hear from you.


Mark (newbie to forum)

You can try foobar2000 as audioplayer with a database that can do such queries. It also supports just like Mp3tag flexible tags. The both tools work well together.

you have one half of the equation in mp3tag which lets you define multiple entries for a tag eg you can add two Genre tags or capture multiple entries as follows: Genre=Genre1\\Genre2\\Genre3 etc.
one candidate i know of for the other half of the equation is Slimdevices' SqueezeCenter.