How to download Tag fields from Discogs

How do I add the Credit and notes information listed in Discogs, which includes Band members and where it was recorded, etc.

What I've tried:

I included a Credit and Notes field under the default Tag Values, which I can see. However, when I do a lookup in Discogs, the Credit and Notes fields are not visible. Only the standard field are shown Artist Comment, etc...

Is it possible to add the information in the tag?


You can add advanced discogs sources that add more tags to your files.
You can find them here:

Got it... I downloaded the Discog script, which has credits and notes loaded.

How do I get the information to load in the fields I created.

When I do a Discogs Album search it shows me the Credits and Notes info (Grover Washington did such and such on this date)Field.but it seems I need to create additional fields to match under Options that correlates to Credits and Notes.


Grover Washington, Jr. - Mister Magic ... shows notes and credits in the Additional Field...

When i save the information I do not see the information in the credits and notes I created in the MP3 Tag panel.

Under TAG OPTIONS (Tag Default) There no fields that directly equals discogs Credits and Notes.

So I'm choosing the closes field (comments and then pointing it towards Credits and Notes, but still there's nothing in the created fields.

Any suggestions.

Please check with "View > Extended Tags" which fields the script uses.
Then you can add these to the tag panel.

Excellent...All is well...Thanks...