How to duplicate Title?

Hi there

Was hoping someone can assist me.

I know how to duplicate the "Filename" to "Title" by selecting "Select format string" but is there another way that I can duplicate all "Title" with the "Filename"?

If there is, is there also away to save this as a shortcut?

Thank you so much

To get the data from the filename into the field TITLE, use the function COnvert>Filename-Tag
Pattern: %title%

Afterwards, you have to process the data in the field TITLE, like the case or remove the underscore.

Thank you so much.. I'm still not sure (from my screenshot) how I can duplicate the "Title" to march the "Filename" as it's easier just to duplicate the Title to the Filename. Otherwise I have to retype all Filenames.

Does this make any sense from the screenshot?

And, did you try the convert function?

Which one am I suppose to use? I can use the one converting Filename to Title but I need to know if there's another that can convert Title to Filename. If there is, please let me know as I am new to this.

All help greatly appreciated

The function Convert>Tag-Filename is sort of the reverse function.
You can define what the filename should look like. For this use variables for tag fields (like %title% or %artist% and string constants like "-" or "_"
So, you could put together a filename with data like this:
%artist% _ %title%

There is a preview.

Thank you so much. I got this now. You've been a great help