How To Edit Composer List

This is very basic so it must have been asked before but I can't find an answer anywhere.

How do I edit the drop-down list of Composers in the entry field on the left side of the screen ?

The drop-down list should contain the text for the composer of the selected track(s) and additionally the pseudo-placeholder and or if you have entered composers already, the names all appear in the drop-down-list.

If all the tracks you have selected have the same composer, then this is displayed. If they vary then is shown.
If you enter a string or select an entry from the list then pressing Ctrl-S or the Save button in the toolbar will save the data as shown in the "tag panel".

So in a way the answer is simply: type in the composer and save it.

Thanks for your reply. How do I enter the list of composers ?

The "list of composers" is generated by mp3tag in the drop-down list if it finds more than one composer. You then have the coice to either keep the variety or set it to one already entered by selecting it from the drop-down list or entereing a completely new one.

All data that you edit in the tag panel and then save it is stored in all the selected files of the file list.
If you select only one file then the data will be written only to that one.

So: to get a "list of composers" you have to enter them first more or less one by one.
So in a way it would be a good idea to select all the files that should get the same composer, enter the name in the tag panel and then save the data to the selected files.

If you have a number of tracks where composer and artist are the same person, you can apply an action that copies the artist to the composer tag. there is an example in the faqs.


(Please not that in the new version the field band is now called albumartist)

In Tools / Options / Genres I can edit and add to the list of Genres that appears in the Genres dropdown.

Can I do the same thing for the Composer dropdown ?

Thanks again.

There is no way to store a preset list of composers (or contents of other fields with the exception of genre) in MP3tag.
You would have to write a filter to get a template for a composer name, e.g.
%composer% HAS Mozart OR %composer% IS ""
would filter all the tracks that either have Mozart as composer or no composer at all. You may then select one of the tracks with a filled composer and all the others that have been composed by Mozart, select Mozart from the drop-down list and save the modification to the selected files.