How to edit copyright metadata?

When I use mp3tag to edit music metadata, I don't see a column called copyright. But I can see this metadata in properties->detail of the file. How can I edit copyright of the music file using mp3tag?

Press ALT-T and open the extended tag-view.
Extended Tag-View

If you see it there it is a tag and you can edit it.
If you want to have a permanent view you can also add any editable tag to the tag-panel,
Configuration of the tag-panel

or if you want to the columns.
Customize columns

Thank you. The problem is that I can't make column "copyright" out by customizing columns. I have to check music files one by one to find "copyright" data and edit. Is there any way to show the column "copyright" so that I can edit massively?

As COPYRIGHT is in the list of the extended tags you can do this.
In the configuration of the columns just press "New" and select "Copyright" from the list for field and value, You can also write %copyright% youself without picking from the list.

Maybe to use the filter at the botton (F3 to toggle) and write %copyright% PRESENT helps you to select only the files with the copyright-tag.
You can also filter for the content of the tag-field. Have a look at the help.

Thank you! Thank you!

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