How to edit multiple tags simultaneously

I am working on improving the quality of the tag data I have and "filling in the gaps" in tags for each music track. Often I'll have a complete album with tagging that doesn't conform to "best practices" and I'm trying to get a consistent system for what data goes where.

This means that sometimes I might want to enter the identical data into the same field for multiple tracks at the same time. Is there a way to do this, rather than going row by row, field by field?

Screen shot shows an example of where I want to put the same data in multiple rows (in this case, two different pieces of data, denoted by the yellow and green squiggles).

Select all this rows, enter the data for CONDUCTUR and ORCHESTRA in the left Tag Panel and save it.
That's all. The entered data will be saved into all selected rows.


I find as well that if you include at least one file that does contain the desired data, that you can use the drop-down option in the tag panel to quickly add the info, and ensure it is consistent with other entries. Especially if those entries contain any accented or special characters.


Thank you, a great tip

Thank you, works perfectly

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