How to edit the 'Purchased By', 'Kind', 'Account Name' tags

Hi, im just wondering if theres any way to edit these tags to show in itunes?

to look like this:


Open such a media file in Mp3tag, which show these properties and values in iTunes.
Then open in Mp3tag the dialog "Extended Tags..." and check the current tag-fields.

If you can detect such values in the list, then you are a lucky man.
If you cannot detect such values in the list, then it might be additional data provided by iTunes itself, which is not stored into tag-fields.


Mp3tag can only can add the Email address (in Mp3tag called ITUNESACCOUNT). The full name you have to do with a Hex Editor as it's hard coded in the m4a file.

The only way if want to get rid of these tags is to convert the file to for example mp3

And as always a word of caution, when you start messing with a Hex Editor, please only do it on a copy and not your original. !!