How to edit unwanted extra year tag info

Hello everybody,

I retagged thousand of files by year, artist, title.

However, the format of the tag was e.g. 1867[cd][mv] Wiener Philharmonic Orchestra - An Der Schönen Blauen Donau

How to delete the characters behind the year "[cd][mv]" i have thousand of files with this.

Tried replace with regular expressions but won't work.

I want to keep the year in the tag but loose the [cd][mv] part.

Please help, thanks a million.


There are more ways to do that. I think the simplest one is:

Action: Format Value
Field: YEAR
Formatstring: $left(%year%,4)

This gives you simply the leftmost 4 characters %year%.
When "1867[cd][mv] Wiener Philharmonic Orchestra - An Der Schönen Blauen Donau" is not the YEAR tag-field you have to replace %year% with the appropiate field name. When it is the filename use $left(%_filename%,4).

See here for other opitions to achieve your goal.

Thanks a zillion, this was the solution! :smiley: