how to eliminate parenthesis

i have filename like this>


i want to get it as title-artist

how to eliminate the parenthesis from a field is my qtn.

if i have a filename as this>
it should be title-artist
i want to use the guess value
then how can i get the artist filed data without the brackets?

you could use the function filename - tag with the mask
and then use the
the tag - filename function with the mask
%title% - %artist%

It's possible with "Convert > filename - filename" in one run.

Old mask:
New mask:

thank you very much dano for the prompt reply. but if i want to eliminate the brackets in another filed ??? for example in comment filed i have something like this>
i would like to get it without the parenthesis as>
how to accomplish this?
thanks, have a nice day.

Well just make two Replace actions, one removes "(" and the other ")"

thanks dano for the suggestion. actually that i know i wanted to get this result in one action.
removes the opening brackets. remains the closing. what next?

In general: write your own little action group:
Press Alt-5 to open the actions dialog.
Create a New action group with the "new" button.
Give it a talking name like "Remove brackets"
In the following dialog press the New button
Select a simple replace action and select the field you want to search in (I think it is "comment").
Enter "(" (bracket only) for the search string
and nothing (leave empty) for the replace string.
This action removes the opening bracket.
Press ok.
Now press "New" again and do more or less the same only that the search string is the ")" this time.
Finally save the action group which is now ready for execution.
It will work on all selected files.

Also you can recycle this action group for any two-step-search-and-replace process as you may modify any of the settings afterwards.

thanks a lot for the suggestions ohrenkino.
as per your instructions, there should be two actions. doing the actions twice one for the opening bracket another for the closing brackets. i got the result. that means there is no option, through which we can accomplish this in one go.....this action is limited to a specific filed. so if you want the action in different field you have to create new action group for each field....for title field make one, for comment filed make another am i right ohrenkino?

you are welcome! :wink:

Yes, this is just like any other word processor where you would have to do the first run with the first search term, then the next and so on ...

Also basically yes - you may use _all as selection for field with all the sources for unwanted reactions.

BUT: If you have similar processes again and again with always the same set of fields you may create an action GROUP that contains the actions for all fields (one separate action for each field and search term) and execute this GROUP with just one click.
Also: if you have defined one action (in the action group) you may copy it and then modify it so that you only have to enter the differentiating data. I think that this generally rather comfortable. I have not seen that you can store your searches e.g. in Word (without writing a macro).

Doing such a search&replace with some fields but excluding other fields goes straight over to the DWIM concept (DWIM: do what I mean) :rolleyes::wink:

I am glad if it worked.