How to enter lyrics (FLAC, MP3)?


sorry for posting such a stupid question, but I don't quite get how to enter lyrics into their appropriate tag.
The field mapping table in the help section doesn't mention FLAC at all, and I don't quite understand the instructions given for MP3. I want to enter lyrics in a lot of different languages (like English, French, German, Czech and others) into both FLACs and MP3s. MP3 tags are set to v2.3, UTF-16.

From what I've read elsewhere, the tag should be called "LYRICS" in FLAC, but I can't find such a tag in Mp3tag.
There is a "UNSYNCEDLYRICS" field for FLACs (just like for MP3s). Is this just a generic name displayed for all filetypes while the content is written into a tag that has the proper name according to filetype? Or is the tag really named "UNSYNCEDLYRICS" disregarding of filetype?

Then there is the problem how to enter the content. I have the lyrics with usual linebreaks.
The explanations given for MP3s in the help files are:

Syntax: xxx||Lyrics
Note: xxx = Language of the lyrics, abbreviated by 3 characters according to ISO-639-2.

I can find a list of ISO 639-2 codes but there is a "B" and a "T" variant, e.g. "fra" (T) vs. "fre" (B), for French; which one do I need?

And how do I enter the code and the lyrics?
What does the double pipe symbol (||) mean?
Do I have to immediately append the text after two pipe characters?
And what to do with the line breaks in the lyrics?
And what is the code good for anyway, given UTF-16 should cover all languages?

Oh, and while this probably exceeds the subjects of this support forum: Is there any way of converting the FLAC files to MP3 while preserving the lyrics? Entering the lyrics into both files will probably get tiresome soon.

Thanks in advance for any helpful advice.


I'm using foobar2000 for entering lyrics in flac od mp3 files. For your comfort you need the foo_lyricsdb component. It creates a tag called "LYRICS" and enter automatically the text.
It works with mp3, flac and image flac with embedded cuesheet.

The GodFather uses the tag "UNSYNCEDLYRICS".

With mp3Tag you can create a tag for example called "LYRICS". Using "Extended Tags" in the context menu, you can type in or copy the text like using a text editor.

The language thing, I have no idea.

The easiest way to convert flac into mp3 is imho using foobar2000.