How to enter multiple artist names to a mp3?


I have a problem with entering multiple artist names to a single mp3 file. I'll give you an example: the track is called "Miss Sarajevo" and it is performed by U2 and Luciano Pavarotti. I would like to enter the artist names in such a way that when I browse my music by artists, for example in iPod, iTunes or Windows Media Player, then I would see the "Miss Sarajevo" track both under U2 and also under Luciano Pavarotti. So far I have only accomplished to "create" a new artist with both names merged into one, for example "U2 / Luciano Pavarotti" or "U2 | Luciano Pavarotti" or "U2; Luciano Pavarotti" or "U2 \ Luciano Pavarotti" etc.

I read from that a ID3v2.4 "uses a null byte to separate multiple values", and from that "All text information frames supports multiple strings, stored as a null separated list, where null is reperesented by the termination code for the charater encoding", but I haven't been able to write my artist info accordingly. How can I separate multiple artists in ID tag? Can anyone help me with this?


You can do it with two backslashes in Mp3tag:
U2\\Luciano Pavarotti

But your actual problem is that none of your other programs support it I think.


Thank you. I tried it but it didn't help unfortunately. Both in Windows Media Player and in iTunes it appeared as an artist called "U2\\Luciano Pavarotti" but not under U2 and Luciano Pavarotti. It also appered in iPod as "U2\\Luciano Pavarotti". :frowning: