How to exclude certain subdirectories/pattern from listing?

Assume I enter in the entry field "Directory" on the left side a directory path.

MP3tag will scan recursively the whole directory tree for corresponding files and lists them in the right pane.

Can I somehow exclude certain sub(sub)directories from being listed/scanned?

Resp. Can I exclude certain patterns like .test from beeing listed/scanned?


If you select a folder with the functions in the toolbar then you can set on the fly whether subdirectories should be read.
For a permanent setting, use Tools>Options>Folders.

While loading with one of these functions you cannot leave out special folders, yet, only files are read that are supported by MP3tag.
You can filter patterns after loading like
NOT %_directory% HAS .test

Or you use the windows explorer and drag&drop only those folders that you want to load.

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Ok, thank you.

Where are all possible column variables like %_directory% listed?
What are for example the variables for artist, title,...?

How do I find all songs whose artist value is NOT empty?

I think it is now time to have a look at the help:

esp. on the fields
the chapter on export which lists a number of variables:
and on filter, keyword "PRESENT":

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