How to execute a script in mp3tag

Hi all

I've been learning about the powerful scripting language of mp3tag.

I have an example here

$ifgreater($len(%title%),30,This title is too long!,)

This basically adds "This title is too long!" to the %comment% tag if %title% is greater than 30 characters.

But where do we execute this script.

I also use the below in the export config

$loop(%_path%)%genre% $loopend()
Can we use similar scriots to modify tags? If yes where do we execute it?

Thanks in advance and appreciate your patience

Export scripts create external text files - so they do not change anything in the tags.

See the HowTo-FAQs on how to create a new action:

To assign a value to a field, use an action of the type "Format value", in this case for COMMENT:

Yet, I find it strange to write such a statement to a field - wouldn't it be a better step to filter for such files and then run an action or something to solve the problem? Because, I mean, what will you do with the information in the comment?

This filter would show you the files with longer titles:
"$ifgreater($len(%title%),30,yes,no)" IS yes

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