How to export all track cover (HELP)

How to export all track cover to folder ?
If possible, how to save in the desired size and format and save the cover with the music name.

MP3tag does not modify an embedded cover in respect to size or format.
See the help on the correpsonding action:

You may enter as filename
Format string: %artist%_%album%_%title%

ok, how to export all covers ?
I have some music that I need to export all covers

Select all files, execute the action

The covers are different
I can not get your point

This format string would create a file with at least the title as unique part of an album. Therefore, you would get one file per TITLE.

The problem got solved in a PM discussion:

So let us assume that the folder is called something like

Create an action as I described above but enter as
format string: d:\music\all_covers\%artist% _ %album% _ %title%

Run it for at least to sets of files from different folders.
Check the folder d:\music\all_covers to find files like
Beatles _ Abbey Road_ Come Together.jpg
Beatles _ Abbey Road_ Something.jpg
Rolling Stones _ Sticky Fingers _ Wild Horses.jpg
Rolling Stones _ Sticky Fingers _ Sway.jpg

If this is what you want, then select all files and execute the action for all of them.

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