How To Export and Import Lyrics

I have around 500 custom backing tracks that are mp3 files that contain lyrics. I have remixed the tracks into a new directory. I need to 1) export the lyrics of the original mp3 files and then 2) import the lyrics into the new files.

I added the tag UNSL but when I export from the orig files I am not getting the lyrics. I read that some sort of config file needed to be added but I cannot find any config file that has the "phrase" lyrics in the title?

Assistance is greatly appreciated.


see perhaps this thread: /t/16584/1
where did you read about a config file?

Thank You. I guess this is what I meant about config file. I have just spent over an hour on YouTube looking at various videos on mp3tag usage. I am just not getting Exactly How to do this? I understand that post and what a subsitution tag is but WHERE do you enter this? The tool is like Photoshop...a hundred different buttons for who knows what?


If you want to export the contents of the field UNSYNCEDLYRICS then the basic problem is that the line breaks collide with the prerogative that a record for a single file must have all its data in a single line terminated by the combination of carriage return and linefeed characters.

That is why you have to transform the multi-line contents from UNSYNCEDLYRICS into a single line.
But ... as you want to re-transform them, once you have imported them into the target files, you have to somehow find a printable character that usually does not appear in ordinary lyrics.
I suggest the _ or the #.

So, when you create your export script, do not export simply UNSYNCEDLYRICS but

And when you have reimported the data to the target files, you replace the __ with $char(13)$char(10) and get all the end-of-lines back again.

Thanks. Sounds like more trouble than its worth. I will just spend a few hours a day for the next week copying and pasting from iTunes lyrics to a text file for each song. Then reset itunes and import new tracks, then paste lyrics back in.

If it takes you hours, it may be worthwhile to still create an export script like


It includes the filename so that you can import the data into files that have the same name - or edit the filename in the output.

OK. Thanks. But back to my basic question?
HOW / WHERE do I run the export script file? Can you please give me a step by step?


What about the help?

Try to find inspiration there ...


Yes, I found that earlier... it shows:

You can create a new export configuration by pressing the New configuration button.

You can edit the selected export configuration by pressing the Edit configuration button.

You can delete the selected export configuration by pressing the Delete configuration button.

However, I cannot find any of those three buttons. I am using lastest version 2.84a.

I uploaded a screen shop of menu bar.

While you are browsing the help, a roundtrip to the menu section might show you the starting point:

YEP, been there already.... I guess I am just plain dumb. I don't get it.....

Which ONE of these menu items do I use?

Tag - Filename
This converter renames the selected files based on the tag and file information. It thereby uses a format string, which consists of predefined placeholders.
To show a preview of the conversion only, press the Shift key when running the converter.

Hotkey: Alt + 1

Filename - Tag
This function extracts tag information from the filename based on a format string.
To show a preview of the conversion only, press the Shift key when running the converter.

Hotkey: Alt + 2

Filename - Filename
This function renames the selected files based on the filenames of the files. You can define parts of the filenames and Mp3tag will rearrange them according to the format string.
To show a preview of the conversion only, press the Shift key when running the converter.

Hotkey: Alt + 3

Text file - Tag (Import)
This converter reads tag information from the text file and saves it to the selected files. The format of one line in the text file is defined by a format string.
Hotkey: Alt + 4

Tag - Tag
This converter formats tag fields by other fields content, i.e., this converter can also be used for copying the content of one tag field to another tag field.
You can use placeholders for any tag field and scripting functions as format string to format the content of the field specified.
Hotkey: Alt + 5

Thanks for your patience with me. New to this tool.

To unveil the mystery: It's File>Export
You also find a button in the toolbar a little more to the right, the one with the document and the upwards arrow - see the bubblehelp for guidance.

AHHHHH....and the LIGHT came on! Now I get it.

Thank you very much!


Thanks! Your script there worked perfectly to extract the lyrics into individual files. The only thing was that it added the text "eng||". I can use linux command line to remove that.

Now big question is, do you have a corresponding script to IMPORT those lyrics into my remixed new directory of same filenames?

Thanks Much,

Select the target files.
Use the function Convert>Textfile-Tag
You have to enter the name of the text file and a list of fields - in this case it would be

This imports a record from the text file into that file where the filename of the file matches the name in the field %_filename% in the text file.

If there is no match, then no data gets imported.

I think I am done. I used Import File and it appears to have successfully written the lyrics tag into the new files. I have not checked them all but so far so good!

Thanks Very Much for all your help.

Not quite.
You now have to re-transform the meta-characters for the linebreaks back again to the real linebreaks... or have you done that already?

I guess I am NOT done. I guess that explains why after clearing and adding the new directory files to iTunes, when I synched to my iPad I see the lyrics are double spaced. So I am guessing DOS style CRLF vs \n.

Let me look back thru this thread. Hopefully, I can figure this out.

  1. I used the following script to create the files:

$filename($getEnv('USERPROFILE')'\Desktop\Mp3tag.Report.USLT.ToFolderFile.cmd',ANSI)'@ECHO OFF'
'CHCP 1252 1>NUL 2>NUL'
'SET FILELIST="%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\Mp3tag.Report.USLT.List.txt"'
$if(%UNSYNCEDLYRICS%,'SET FILEOUT="'$replace(%_folderpath%%_filename%,'&','&','%','%%')'.USLT.txt"'
'CHCP 850 1>NUL 2>NUL'

  1. you stated that I should then convert the NEWLINES...
    I am assuming I need to use one of the CONVERT menus? Can you please point me to a thread example or tell me exactly how to do this?