How to export column I have created

I have created a 'Mood' column and put %mood% in both the value and field sections.

When I export the file, the 'Mood' column is not exported. How can I include this column in the export?


What do you mean by "export"?
There is an export function in MP3tag that uses scripts to export data to text files.

If you mean that your player does not show the field, then you have to check what kind of file you treat. MOOD is only a standard field for MP4 files. For all other files it is a user-defined field (which is also some kind of standard) where the problem could be that the player does not support user-defined fields.


I'm just exporting it to HTML and I want the Mood column to show up.

I haven't used the export script function. I only click File -> Export -> HTML

Uh, that is the export function with scripts.
So to get the data from the MOOD field into the script, you have to edit it - click the edit button in the Export dialogue.
You will find the HTML code and a place where you would like to get the data. There insert %mood% as reference to the field.

Ahhh I see! When I click to edit the export configuration, it asks how I would like to open .mte file?

Thanks again!

Usually the default plain text editor is opened (probably the Windows Editor).
The script itself is a plain text file that you can adapt to your needs.

Where and how would I add %mood% in this code?

So this is going to become an HTML course?
You have to add one line in the table header like
<th class="title">Mood</th>

and as a corresponding line for the table body
<td$if($odd(%_counter%), class="odd",)>%mood%</td>
perhaps you add the line after the reference to "Genre".