How to export covers?

Is there a way to have MP3TAG take the embedded image of the file, export it, and custom name it based on the file it was exported from.......and also resize it to a thumbnail specified value?

I'm not even sure if this can be done, I think so since I've seen the album generator platform, but I'm looking for a simple way to do this.....

I assume I'd have to also specify some output directory to dump each unique image for each mp3 file.

is this possible?

To export an embedded image to disk file use action "Export cover to file"
Resizing of the image is not possible yet, because Mp3tag is a tagger application, but not a graphical application.


Oh my am I embarrassed, that was super simple......just make a path and %% and it does, thanks!



OK another issue has arisen, and posts back to 2009 seem to have this as a wish list.

Is there a way to convert any NON .jpg cover art to .jpg formats? I have thousands of songs and their covers could be all over the place in terms of format.

My CSV is being set to .jpg.....(not realizing it exports the primary image format type it was embedded with). No way I can go back and figure out what is what for this huge upload I have to do.

if there a way to parse the cover art extension and have my export script adjust the output format between gif, jpg, png etc???


I figured it out, hope this helps others in the future.

Note: I'm using this as an export function, for a csv output, I'm using

%_cover_mimetype% which will show up as >> image/gif or image/jpg in the output......etc etc.

I'm appending mimetype dynamically to my output tags as I need them using this final code:


So basically, it give me the cover arts extension only used in the art file. So I get myfile.jpg or myfile.gif or myfile.png

Hopefully this may help someone in the future.


I was also informed an alternate way to do this would be:

$replace(%_cover_mimetype%,image/, %dummy%)


Note this ...