How to export list of albums with compressed audio/bitrate data

I would like to export a .csv file showing the bitrate data of all my music files. I'm currently trying to update my library from compressed audio to FLAC files, and want to create a list of CD's to hunt for.

How do I include the bitrate data of the music files in a .csv export?

See the documentation on placeholders:

there is a section on technical property placeholders.
But why don't you filter for the files with
NOT %_tag% HAS Flac

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I'll read through this. Thanks.

Is that a command line script?

How did you export you csv file so far?

The export scripts are plain text files that get interpreted by MP3tag.
So you are free to edit them with a plain text editor.
See also the documentation on Exports:

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Excellent. I found the text file, and was able to get it to export the data I need. Thanks!

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