How to export mp4 tags

I am trying to export a list of file "names", "Legth" and "date modified" for .mp4 files

unfortunately I am not able to figure out propper tag names to build a working string
something like %filename% %lenght% %date% would work for .mp3 files, but for .mp4 only empty spaces I get

please help!


Sorry, I do not understand what you want to export.
The length of the filename?

wow O.O that was a quick response!! I just edited my 1st posting. now my problem should be clear

please see the help on variable names for export:

are no valid variable names.
%filename% -> %_filename%
%lenght% -> %_length%
%date% -> %_file_mod_datetime%

IT WORKED!!:heart_eyes::sunglasses: