How to filter and sort music by same cover art?

I don't know if this is possible but i have about 9000 songs in my PC that some of them have same cover (like a website name instead main cover art) and they are placed in whole of my albums and can't find all of them easily.
So i need to sort and find musics by same cover art (because as i know all the same cover arts have same name and actually it's same picture). So with this i will be able to find them and remove useless covers and add original covers to them.

So is there any idea how to do that?

You see me puzzled:
Are we talking about embedded pictures or files in the filesystem?

Embedded pictures loose their filename name as soon as they get embedded. So I am not sure how you will see the "name".
The next problem could be: Mp3tag does not compare the data between files but only within a file. So MP3tag cannot tell you if 2 files have the same picture.

What you could do, though, is to create a column for the cover size and then sort by it or filter for a certain size and see if that shows the same picture for the files.

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We are talking about embedded pictures. And yes my bad. i checked covers and found that all covers save with "folder.jpg" or "cover.jpg" name.

So what about "Cover size column"? didn't found any option for this! Can you please tell me how to sort music by "Cover Size" ?

Create a new column in the files list and set %_cover_size% as value.
Leave field empty.

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Best one! Thanks you saved my life :heart_eyes:

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