How to filter "non-square" songs covers

I would like to edit old covers which are not square to change them the way I like.
For exemple some songs are 500x400
I want to make it square so choosing from google its correspondant Square cover, for exp: 400x400 or 1000x1000

by the way; Does increasing the resolution from for exp 100x100 to 5000x5000 increases the Size of the song (MB)?

And how to filter songs that have the Same Cover and songs that have the Same Albumname please.

"$if($eql(%_cover_width%,%_cover_height%),1,0)" IS "1"

File size may increase, depending on the padding.

A filter that compares different files is not possible.

But... once you have found the right cover for each album, you could export just this cover to each album folder and add something like "_ok" to the name (can all be done with MP3tag) and then you import that picture into every file in that folder - can also be done with MP3tag. This would save you the bother of first comparing files and then still adding the same picture into every file (of that album).

What do you mean by increasing?
Blowing up a picture from 100x100 to 5000x5000 or changing the embedded picture from one with 100x100 to 5000x5000?
Just blowing up does not make sense because the larger picture will not get better.
If you really plan to embed pictures with high resolutions you will easily get song-files which can multiply the size of the song without a cover.
How much larger the files will become depends on the kind of picture, the compression factor ...

BTW there are covers that are not square and only will become square if you cut them or change the aspect ratio.

I meant like;

Removing the low-resolution cover which is for exemple 100x100 , and replacing it with a new Same one from google but this one is high-resolution for exemple 5000x5000

Does that increases the file's Size? Like For Example from 3.7MB to 4MB

Coz when I tryed it, sometimes it does sometimes it does not lol

As I wrote the size depends on the content of the picture and the choice of compression (and data reduction) factor.
An embedded cover with the resolution of 5000x5000 may even increase the size of the song not only about some kb but up to 30 MB.
It is no problem to answer you question yourself. Just have a look at the cover-file you downloaded to your harddrive and it's size. The size of the song will increase about the size of the file.

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This filter shows me only the songs that have Square covers
Can you give me its opposite? (A filter that shows me only the songs that DON'T have Square covers)

I tryed adding NOT "$if($eql(%_cover_width%,%_cover_height%),1,0)" IS "1" but sadly it didn't work.

Replace the
IS "1"
IS "0"

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Increase of resolution is usualy irelevant in increasing filesize. It dependes on the new filesize of the new image that will be used as cover. You can have a higher resolution image with a higher compression or a optimised file that is smaller than first one. Do NOT resample images. Keep in mind that scope of cover embended in MP3 files is pure informative. You can keep a hi-res cover (back cover/inlay etc) separated.