How to find albums containing tracks of various years?

Is it possible to filter for ALBUMs that contain tracks of various YEARs? E.g. a "greatest hits" collection.

I might have screwed up Album Gain calculations for these albums and I'd like to check.


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As MP3tag cannot/does not compare data of (at least) 2 different files but only the data that is visible from the current file, it is not possible to use a direct filter.

What you could do: rename the current folder so that it contains the year somewhere.
and then you check for files where the contents of YEAR is not part of the folder name.
You would not catch the files where there is a match, though, so that you would have to filter for the found albums.

"$ifgreater($strstr(%_directory%,%year%),0,yes,no)" IS no

Thanks for this suggestion. I'm not sure how practical it would be with 12k+ albums, though.

I wonder if there is a way to dump a text file into Excel and find all unique ALBUM - YEAR combinations using PivotTable or something.

Have made some progress using Excel PivotTable. Using Mp3tag to export a minimal CSV; just enough to identify FOLDERPATH where track "Min Album Gain" does not equal "Max Album Gain".

I'm running into an issue where a small subset of albums will not transpose into Excel columns. All the data just dumps into the first cell. Can you see anything about these records that might cause that? Thanks.

I have done this in Excel as an exercise in the past. Sort by AlbumArtist, then album. Then run a summary, and apply an averaging summary total for year. Look for any that have something that isn’t a whole integer. While not absolutely perfect, in general you will find those albums with multiple tracks where one or two year values differ.

Also a good idea. I need to solve the problem above, though. Maybe I'll try a different delimiter.

Using $char(9) - the tab character - instead of the semicolon is mostly the best approach.

What would be the next steps?
Which function in excel do you use to pinpoint only those albums that need treatment? Or do you scan through the whole list viusally?
How would you know which value in the text file / spread sheet is the correct one?
Wouldn't you have to treat each album again to get the correct values?
And if so, then you would have to have access to the files directly and not just a text file in a third party program?

What would you have expected from the filtered list in MP3tag and what would the workflow have looked like in MP3tag if ideally, MP3tag would have an idea of albums - does the list in Excel have that?

Took some trial & error, but I was able to find a delimiter (tilde: ~) that reliably worked with my library.

I loaded all my files (125k+) into Mp3tag and exported CSV for a limited number of fields. Then loaded CSV into Excel and created a PivotTable grouping by FOLDERPATH. In the table, I displayed "Min of Album Gain" and "Max of Album Gain" columns. From this, I could calculate to find any folders where "Min" and "Max" differed.

Now, I am going through the 100 or so folders to reapply RG correctly and adjust any other tagging issues. Thanks.

P.S. Many of these issues arose from using foobar2000 ReplayGain "Scan as albums (by tags)". I've only just realized that doing so will by default group different years (or composers) into separate "albums". Compilation albums having tracks of various years (or composers) will, therefore, have inconsistent Album Gain values. This setting in foobar2000 is configurable, and I have now set it to group only on ALBUM.

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